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"You Are Amazing As You Are" gently guides you to reconnect to your feminine side in your work life: a side that has been widely discredited as unprofessional, unreliable and worthless in the domain of our life that concerns work. Yet, for those of us who feel very feminine it holds all the gems that enable us to work with ease, full of energy and in flow.

This introductory self-study course - the first online course in our Fempreneurships in Motion series - invites you to feel what feminine actually means to you. It guides you to experience, how feminine feels in your own body. It holds space for you to realise your feminine skills. It invites you to integrate all of the above in your every day work and life as your core resources to lean upon.

Thereby, this course opens to you a space where you can step back from your work-related stress, anxieties, tension, feelings of having to push through and work hard. You get to feel that everything you need to bring the joy and ease and impact into your work life is already inside of you.
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About the course content


You Are Amazing As You AreWatch the exclusive exchange between Jocelyn B. Smith and Lisa M. Wennekes on how we can shine our feminine & body in our work life. These two amazing women share about what it means to feel very feminine in today’s society and how we can access and celebrate the riches of our feminine side in our life!


Experience and understand your own feminine side with the support of our hands on PDF workbook guide in 5 simple but profound steps:

  • What is your own story about your feminine?
  • How does feminine actually feel like in your body?
  • What is your very own set feminine skills that allows you to work with ease? That has you feel at home and fulfilled in your work life?

Take the leap to embrace your feminine side in your work life!


Learn about how our Fempreneurships in Motion self-study course series gently guides you to relax your body by means of selected bodyworks practices and activations. It is the secret that helps you to experience and follow your body's innate wisdom in embracing your feminine side in your work life + to shape your work life in a way that feels meaningful and fulfilling to you!

This self-study course is for you when ...
  • you experience extreme stress in your work life - be it as employee, business owners, stay-at-home-parents, executives, non-profits or managers - and desire to feel relaxed and joyful when practicing your profession.
  • you feel tension in different areas of your body as a result from constantly having to work so hard to reach your goals and desire to experience ease and flow in this your profession.
  • you desire to embrace your soft, creative feminine side in your work life to experience a feeling of being whole and fulfilled.
  • you are ready to take the step to re-shape your work life in a way that embraces you as you are.

Our work life can feel so very fulfilling when only we embrace our feminine skills as much as we do embrace our masculine skills. It is then, that we can relax into and flow with the magic and wisdom our body holds for us!


Your Instructor

Lisa M. Wennekes
Lisa M. Wennekes

Lisa offers online programs in which she guides people – be it employees, students, business owners, stay-at-home-parents, executives, non profits, ... - that feel feminine especially in the area of their work life to 1. release the stress from their bodies, 2. understand their feminine excellence and 3. re-shape their work life in a way that embraces their body & feminine, so they can experience how very fulfilling our work life can be, when only we relax into the magic that our feminine and our body hold for us.

Lisa has a deep understanding for the wisdom that our body holds within itself. Since her early childhood, she learned and practiced Educational Kinesiology as a self-help tool to understand the language of her body. For her, our human body is our faithful and loving guide that leads us through our every day life in our ever more complex evolving world.

As a young woman she had to realise that, despite her body conscious lifestyle, our modern and very much masculine oriented work structures bring with it a level of stress and tension that render it nearly impossible to live a healthy, self-determined and fulfilling life for people that feel very feminine.

The practice of Educational Kinesiology and a variety of bodyworks teachings helped her to release the deep-seated stress and trauma from decades of trying to comply with this achievement oriented work culture. This led her to develop a deep understanding for

  • why people that feel feminine can experience such strong emotional, physical and mental stress symptoms in their work life.
  • how the ‘feminine side’ of our body – our intuition, our cyclical pace, our community focus, etc. - functions.
  • how we can tap into the natural set up of our body to shape our work life in a way that allows us to unfold our natural selves and to share our innate gifts with the community.

She since uses her experiences to guide people to embrace their feminine side so they can thrive. Our work life can be so very fulfilling when only we relax into the magic that our feminine and our body holds for us!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as this course is online.
Is this course meant for women?
All courses of the Fempreneurships in Motion series are for people that feel very feminine and/or want to embrace their feminine side especially in the area of their life that concerns their profession - independent of how they identify.

Are you ready to take the leap?
Are you ready to embrace your feminine & body in your work life?

Enjoy the ride!

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